July 30, 2020 By: Koutarou Nakase (Translated by James & Lbin ), 177 views

Voice actor, Kana Hanazawa, sang "Okiro kuso yarou!!" "Lovely runaway smartphone"! Announcment of the cast for the dubbed version of the comedy movie "Jexi!"

June 29, 2020 By: Takahashi Katsunori (Translated by gyanyao & NN ), 204 views

Happy Birthday, Taketatsu Ayana-san! Who's Your Favorite Character? '20 Edtion. Nakano Nino from "The Quintessential Quintuplets" and Nakano Azusa from "K-On!" tie at 2nd, and 1st place goes to…

April 30, 2020 By: Sakai Yasuna (Translated by NN & Mimi ), 329 views

Kaji Yuki, Takagaki Ayahi and others have appeared in “A Moment to Remember” at “Telework Recitation Drama”

February 25, 2020 By: MoA (Translated by gyanyao & Porew ), 171 views

Taketatsu Ayana makes a "truffle" for the first Valentine's day of Reiwa.

December 17, 2019 By: MoA (Translated by James & KhaledA ), 268 views

Taketatsu Ayana's beautiful voice helps you to “sleep”! The 3rd collaboration between the relaxation app "cocorus" and the voice actor.

Relaxation app “cocorus” announced the 3rd installment in the “Popular Voice Actor x Mindfulness Collaboration” series, with voice actress Taketatsu Ayana being in charge of the narration of the mindfulness meditation content.

October 30, 2019 By: MoA (Translated by Hiro毛 ), 245 views

“Angry Bird 2” will be screened in January 2020! Taketatsu Ayana’s first challenge to dub a foreign movie, comments also arrived.

“Angry Bird 2”, which is the sequel to the popular game application becomimg a movie, “Angry Bird”, will be screened on January 31, 2020. At the same time, it was announced that TaketatsuAyana will challenge for the first time to dub a foreign movie as a Japanese dubbing of the new character Silver. The Japanese original trailer has also been released.

Special Topics
The 2nd PV for Ahiru no Sora has been released! Don’t miss out on the hot scene featuring a freakishly tall basketball player!

The 2nd PV for TV anime Ahiru no Sora has been released and features the passionate plays of a freakishly tall basketball club member. Broadcasting information was released at the same time. The series will be aired on TV Tokyo’s channel 6 starting on October 2nd.

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From "JoJo: Golden Wind" comes business suits! Giorno & Bucciarati are ready for action!

From TV anime "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind" comes blazers and pants (slacks) which can be worn together as business suits inspired by Giorno Giovanna and Bruno Bucciarati. Pre-orders are available at "Premium Bandai" until Dec. 26, 2019.