From the TV anime “Tokyo Revengers”, “Circus ver.”, using original chibi illustrations inspired by the circus, has been released. The lineup includes a tin badge, an acrylic stand, and others.

The TV anime “Tokyo Revengers” is a “time leap suspense” based on the same-titled manga by Wakui Ken, which has sold over 70 million copies. The original comics’ serialization ended in November 2022 after 5 and a half years.

For the TV anime, the 1st season started broadcasting from April 2021. the 2nd season depicting the “Christmas Showdown arc” titled “TV Anime ’Tokyo Revengers’”, is currently on air from January 2023 on 37 channels nationwide. In this year, the sequel to the live-action movie, featuring Kitamura Takumi as the protagonist Takemichi, will be released in two parts.

A total of 8 members, Hanagaki Takemichi, Sano Manjiro, Ryuguji Ken, Matsuno Chifuyu, Mitsuya Takashi, Shiba Hakkai, Inui Seishu, and Kokonoi Hajime, wearing circus costumes, will be featured in “Circus Ver.” as chibi characters.

The items consist of “tin badge (randomly included)”, “acrylic key chain”, “acrylic name badge”, and “acrylic stand”, all of which are available in 8 varieties. As the design is inspired by the circus, the characters look more gorgeous and cuter than usual.

Each item is available for pre-orders at “THE Chata” until 11:59 pm on April 13. You will be given a “bromide(8 varieties)” at random for every 2,000 yen (tax included) purchase during the period. The shipping is scheduled for mid-May to late-July.

(C) Wakui Ken, Kodansha / Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Production Committee