Video streaming service “DMM TV” announced the launch of “2.5-Dimensional World,” a project that distributes original works featuring popular 2.5-dimensional theater actors. The content will be distributed sequentially, starting with the drama “Nanashi-Dainana Tokubetsu Shiin Shorika- (7th Department of Handling Unique Cause of Death).”

“2.5-Dimensional World” is a project in which star actors of 2.5D theater productions collaborate with renowned directors and scriptwriters to deliver original works only available with this service. They will work on various products, including drama, variety shows, and audio media.

The first work to be distributed is “Nanashi -Dainana Tokubetsu Shiin Shorika-” on January 16, a drama that depicts Deaths that work at the “7th Department of Handling Unique Cause of Death (a.k.a. Nanashi.)” Actors including Mashiko Atsuki (GENIC,) Tachibana Yuta, Tanaka Ryosei, Fukuzawa Yu, Nagata Seiichiro, Takahashi Yuri, Aizawa Rita, Mochida Haruki, Tamura Shogo, and Kao Osamu, will appear in this program.

Following that, “Hakoiri Mutants (Mutants in a Box,)” a situation skit in which five alien childhood friends, who look just like human beings, settle in a “box” = “theater” and learn the language and the culture of the humans, will start distribution from February 24. Honda Reo, Nagatsuma Reo, Ishikawa Ryoga, Matsuda Shota, and Terayama Takeshi will play the aliens.

Also, in “Kotogeki,” in which the actors play the characters just with voices and audiences enjoy the play with words and music, “Kodanuki Kitan (Baby Racoon’s Tale)” and “Onegai Nekashite Kitazono-kun! (Please Let Me Sleep, Mr. Kitazono!)” are scheduled for January 27. Sadamoto Fuma will play the protagonist of the former act and Kitazono Ryo the latter.

Other “Kotogeki” works include “Through-Skill no Takai Watashi Dakara Tsukiaeruga, Kyou mo Kare ha Buttonde iru!! (He is Off the Walls, and I can Handle Him because I Ignore it!!)” played by Itokawa Yojiro and others, “Mimihapi Hoikuen (Mimihapi Preschool)” played by Nagata Kyohei and others, “Ginryoso” played by Abe Aran and others, and “Green Pepper Chololate March played by Tachibana Yuta and others, will also be distributed shortly.