The TV Anime “Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown Arc” will release a jewelry series featuring Shiba Hakkai and Kokonoi Hajime. The standard version and high-end version made with Silver925 are now available for pre-orders at “BANCOLE! PREMIUM BANDAI Branch” in “PREMIUM BANDAI,” the official mail order site of Bandai Namco Group.

“Tokyo Revengers” is a “Giant-killing revenge suspense” story based on the manga by Wakui Ken, which has sold over 70 million copies in total. The original comic was completed in November 2022 after five and a half years of serialization.
The first season of the TV anime began airing in April 2021, and the “Battle of 8/3 Arc” and the “Bloody Halloween Arc” have been made into a series so far. The second season, “Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown Arc,” which depicts the “Christmas Showdown Arc” of the manga, will begin airing sequentially from January 7 at midnight on 37 stations nationwide.

The jewelry, currently accepting pre-orders, features Shiba Hakkai and Kokonoi Hajime from the latest “Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown Arc.”
Shiba Hakkai is the Vice-Captain of the Second Division with a swirl designed on his shaved head. The “Shiba Hakkai Ear Accessory” is inspired by the jewelry he wears, and its characteristic shape is reproduced as much as possible. The simple and easy-to-use form, with a beautiful gold color, gives it a strong presence. His initials “H・S” are also engraved. The earring has a clip-on design, so those who do not have pierced ears can also wear it.

The “Kokonoi Hajime Earring/ Clip-On Earring” is also inspired by the accessories worn by Kokonoi Hajime. Kokonoi is a man with eye-catching sharp eyes who is a genius at making money. This item is a chain-type accessory that reproduces the characteristic shape of those he wears as much as possible. Its chain has an outstanding presence as it glitters and shakes when putting it on. It should be an object of envy for the fans as its authentic design reflects the charisma of Kokonoi, and as his nickname “Koko” is engraved. The choices are earring or clip-on earring.

“Shiba Hakkai Ear Accessory,” “Kokonoi Hajime Earring,” and “Kokonoi Hajime Clip-On Earring” are all priced at 8,800 yen each, including tax. The high-end version, which pursues higher quality and authenticity, is also available at 13,200 yen for the “Shiba Hakkai Ear Accessory Silver925,” and 15,400 yen each for the “Kokonoi Hajime Earring Silver925” and “Kokonoi Hajime Clip-On Earring Silver925.” “PREMIUM BANDAI Branch” accepts pre-orders until February 12, 2023, at 11 PM, and the shipping is scheduled for March 2023.

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