From the TV anime “Tokyo Revengers” comes a motorcycle motif “keychain” and “silver necklace”. Pre-orders are available on “Premium Bandai”, the official mail order site of Namco Bandai Group, and “BANCOLLE! Premium Bandai Branch” on the Bandai Namco Group’s official mail order site “Premium Bandai.”

“Tokyo Revengers” is a TV anime based on “Tokyo Revengers,” a time-traveling suspense series currently serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” by Wakui Ken known for “Shinjuku Swan.”
In order to save his beloved, Hanagaki Takemichi, a no-good freelancer, travels back to his junior high school days and aims for the top of the most dangerous gang of delinquents in the Kanto region.

The first season of the TV anime, which depicted the first episode of the original story to the “Bloody Halloween Arc,” was broadcast from April to September 2021. The second season, “Christmas Showdown Arc,” which will be a sequel, has already been scheduled to air from January 2023.

The “Tokyo Revengers Motorcycle Motif Keychain” features a lineup of six different motorcycles of the founding members of Tokyo Manji Gang.
The six models are “Mikey Model,” “Draken Model,” “Baji Model,” “Kazutora Model,” “Mitsuya Model,” and “Pah-chin Model.”

All of the bike parts are made from original molds, and are made to authentic specifications with attention to detail. The engraved plate, inspired by Tokyo Manji Gang’s flag, is also a key point. It is not only for daily use, but also for collection.

The “Tokyo Revengers Motorcycle Motif Necklace” comes in two models, the “Mikey Model” and the “Draken Model.”
The parts inspired by Mikey’s and Draken’s respective motorcycles are also made from original molds, and are crafted with attention to detail.

The “Mikey Model” is decorated with the Tokyo Manji Gang flag, while the “Draken Model” has an engraved plate inspired by Draken’s tattoo design. As basic silver accessories, they can be used by both men and women alike.

The “Keychain” is priced at 3,630 JPY each, including tax, and the “Necklace” is priced at 7,370 JPY each. Pre-orders for both items are available on the “Premium Bandai” “BANCOLLE! Premium Bandai Branch” in “Premium Bandai” until 11:00 pm, August 15, 2022, with shipping scheduled for October 2022.

(c) Wakui Ken, Kodansha / “Tokyo Revengers” Production Committee