The fall anime ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6 released the outline and preview scene cuts for its episode 6, “Encounter, Part 2.” The episode starts airing on Saturday, November 5.

‘My Hero Academia’ is based on Horikoshi Kouhei’s hero action manga of which the 6th season is currently serialized on ‘Weekly Shonen Jump.’
Set in a world where people have supernatural abilities called “quirks,” the story follows the main character Midoriya Izuku (a.k.a. “Deku”), as he trains with his friends at the prestigious U.A. High School to become a “hero” who stands up to “villains,” criminals who abuse their powers.

The anime series started in April 2016, with five television seasons and three theatrical films produced so far.
The long-awaited Season 6 features the “All-Out War Arc” in which the heroes, including Endeavor, clash with the enemy “Villain” Shigaraki Tomura, who has taken control of the “Meta Liberation Army” and stands at the top of the “Supernatural Liberation Front” with its total strength of 110,000 members, after learning of Shigaraki’s determination to “destroy everything.”

The title for episode 6 is “Encounter, Part 2.”
Shigaraki, who has awakened, begins to make his move.
Despite Endeavor’s desperate attack with scorching flames, Shigaraki, who has been implanted with All For One’s quirk, regenerates with “super recovery” and shows no signs of fear.

Then, a mysterious voice saying “One for All” echoes in Shigaraki’s head.
Having set his sights on Deku, Shigaraki begins to move at high speed to close in on him. Deku, sensing Shigaraki’s target, moves with Bakugou to use himself as bait.

The battle with Shigaraki has finally begun.

Episode 6 of ‘My Hero Academia’ Season6, “Encounter, Part 2” will start airing on November 5th at 5:30 p.m. on Yomiuri TV, Nippon TV, and other channels.

(C) Horikoshi Kouhei/Shueisha, My Hero Academia Production Committee