The summer anime “Dropkick on My Devil!” began released short clips of the series on Youtube as a response against the fact that illegal uploads of the anime were receiving 5.5 million views.

The original series by Yukiwo, titled “Dropkick on My Devil!”, is a comedy comic currently being serialized at “Comic Meteor”.
The series depicts the daily lives of Jashi, a demon with the lower body of a snake, and Hanazono Yurine, a regular college student with a cruel heart. The first season of the anime premiered in 2018, and the second season in April 2020, gaining a cult-like level of popularity.

On July 12th, 2022, the anime’s official account tweeted: “[Request] It is frustrating seeing illegal content reaching 5.5 million views, so from now on we will be uploading our own content too, but faster than anyone else. So please go ahead and subscribe to us!”, followed by a Youtube video link along with the post.
The linked video titled “Her Voice 🥰” has approximately 20 seconds of length and features Hatsune Miku, who while returning home from groceries is suddenly assaulted by Jashin, who forcibly takes away Miku’s scallion, quickly handing over a 100 year coin in exchange.

The video has more than 2.8 million hits, with comments such as: “I’m glad the creators understand our demands”, “The godly creators are giving the audience what they want”, “Who knew the official account would pull something like this”, and “I don’t think any other official Youtube account has ever done anything similar”.

No only releasing content “faster than piracy”, but focusing on also being “better than piracy”, the creators displayed their dedication by releasing 100 short clips featuring the original key frame sketches at the beginning of each video. They stated that this whole initiative started with the purpose of “wanting fans who watched it once to watch it again”, “to promote the August 9th event ‘Jashin Exhibition'”, and “to have the ‘authentic’ material to be clicked and be recognized by the algorithm”.

As a result of the undertaking, the anime official Twitter account has tweeted: “We now see that we ended up becoming pretty much like those unofficial sites!”.

“Dropkick on My Devil!” is currently being broadcast at TV Tokyo and other networks. Do not forget to check out the official Youtube channel and stay tuned for more anti-piracy content.

(C) Yukiwo – Comic Meteor / Dropkick on My Devil! Production Committee