The screenshots from the manga of the spring 2020 season “Dropkick on My Devil!'” can be shared on SNS from the manga community “Alu”.

The original work of the anime is the comedy manga “Dropkick on My Devil!”, which is currently serialized in “COMIC Meteor”, which depicts the community life of Jashin-chan, whose lower body is snaking and the upper body is a gal, and the university student Hanazono Yurine, who has a little brutality in the heart.
The 1st season of the anime “Dropkick on My Devil!” was broadcast in 2018, and its 2nd season “Dropkick on My Devil!'” started on Apr. 2020, and it has earned a cult following.

Manga community “Alu” is the manga information service that allows the manga fans to “find the next manga to read”. It released the 1st collaboration event to celebrate the broadcast of the 2nd season with the titled “Dropkick on My Devil! Summon Character Diagnosis”. The new 2nd collaboration announced this time allows the fans to share “Dropkick on My Devil!'” screenshots on SNS and blogs.
The screenshots up to episode 6 had been uploaded by Mar. 18, 2020, and screenshots after episode 7 will be uploaded after the broadcast of each episode.

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