The 3rd season of TV anime “Dropkick on My Devil” will be started in 2022 as a mark of the 10th anniversary of the original work, and crowdfunding had achieved its target of 20 million yen. At the “Dropkick on My Devil! 3rd Season Grand Presentation” held on October 28, 2020, it has been announced that the title of the 3rd season will be “Dropkick on My Devil! X”.

The title of the 3rd season is named by Kou-chan” who purchased the title naming right of 1.1 million yen in the crowdfunding .
“Kou-chan” mentioned that “Dropkick on My Devil X” originated from “I’m hoping that the battle between Yurine and Jashin-chan will continue endlessly.”

In addition, at the “Dropkick on My Devil! 3rd Season Grand Presentation”, following last year’s Chitose City, hometown tax payment collaboration with 4 cities, Hokkaido’s Obihiro City, Kushiro City and Furano City, and Nagasaki Prefecture’s Minamishimabara City, has been decided.
Moreover, after this event, “Dropkick on My Devil” will continue to have various developments such as, the start of the official Niconico channel “Gathering! Jashin’s Star”, collaboration events “Jashin-chan Banei Horse Racing” and “Jashin-chan Bowling”, release of the game “Dropkick on My Devil is a Millionaire”, and “Stage Play Dropkick on My Devil”.. Please check the official website for detailed information.

(C) Yukiwo / COMIC Meteor / Dropkick on My Devil X Production Committee