The original character designs by the illustrator Nakamura Yusuke for the anime “Yojouhan Time Machine Blues” (Premiere and distribution start in 2022) have been released. At the same time, the additional casts, Satou Setsuji and Honda Chikara (Europe Kikaku) have been announced.

“Yojouhan Time Machine Blues” is a novel that is born from the collaboration between the TV anime “The Tatami Galaxy” by the author Morimi Tomohiko that was broadcasted on Fuji TV’s “Noitamina” in 2010 and the stage play “Summer Time Machine Blues” by the playwright Ueda Makoto that has gotten a live-action film in 2005.

The story starts when Ozu, a bad friend of “I”, the protagonist, drown the remote control of the only air conditioner of the student dorm on a certain midsummer day.
When they are coming up with the plan to survive the remaining summer days with Akashi-san, the cool beauty of the filming circle “Misogi”, a sloppily-dressed student, Tamura comes from 25 years in the future via the time traveling machine. Then, “I” plan to use that time machine to go back to the past to bring back the remote control before it got damaged…

Along with the original character design in the “Reiwa Edition” by Nakamura Yusuke in the delicate touch, the additional cast has been announced.
Following “The Tatami Galaxy”, Aijima Senpai is played by Satou Setsuji while the new character from the future, Tamura-kun is played by Honda Chikara (Europe Kikaku), who played the same character in the stage play and live-action film “Summer Time Machine Blues”.

“Yojouhan Time Machine Blues” will premiere in 2022 and distribution will be available on “Disney+”.
Also, the re-runs of “The Tatami Galaxy” have been confirmed on Fuji TV’s “Noitamina” slot in April 2022.

<Below are the full comments>

Satou Setsuji, voice of Aijima Senpai

The sequel of “The Tatami Galaxy” is finally here! It’s so nostalgic~ Also, Asanuma Shintaro-kun will speak in a fast manner just like a machine gun. I believe there will be romance development in this series. (Haha) The world setting is my favorite and quite nostalgic as I used to stay in the very old student dorm as my university was in Kansai. Moreover, since it involved science fiction elements, which is the time machine, I believe that it will be quite entertaining! I already looking forward to it now! That’s right, let’s go to Kyoto! After the situation has calmed down!

Honda Chikara (Europe Kikaku), voice of Tamura-kun

I had played Tamura-kun in both the stage play and film of “Summer Time Machine Blues” and even in the sequel “Summer Time Machine Blues One More”, I was quite surprised that I can play him again in “Yojouhan Time Machine Blues”! I read it with a weird feeling as Tamura-kun come to the present from the future on top of the sensation that he arrived at Morimi-san’s work from Ueda-kun’s work. As I don’t have much experience as a voice actor, it would be good if my acting gives you a different feeling.

(C) Morimi Tomohiko, Kadokawa/ “Yojouhan Time Machine Blues” Production Committee