It has been announced that TV anime “Girls’ Frontline” (known as “Dolls’ Frontline” in Japan) will be broadcast in January 2022 along with the release of the 2nd key visual and 2nd PV. At the same time, the additional cast members, which are Komatsu Mikako, Touyama Nao, Nabatame Hitomi, Okuno Kaya, Itou Shizuka, and Ootsuka Akio, have been announced with the comments from Komatsu and Touyama.

“Girls’ Frontline” is based on the educating and war tactic stimulation game featuring the “T-Dolls” which is a personification of the guns. The story takes place in the future where technology has advanced a lot, and it features fierce battle of the “T-Dolls”, the machines who wield a guns and possess the supernatural ability.

The latest key visual depicted the “AR Squad” featuring the 4 main characters along with 5 new characters, which are Gentiane (the new commander of the private military contractor “Grifon & Kryuger”), the rear staff Kalina, and the T-dolls of Sangvis Ferri, who are Agent, Scarecrow, and Executioner. The design will make you imagine the fight and confrontation of both side that will happen in the anime.

For the 2nd PV, it focuses on the story part and the two new characters, the new commander Gentiane and the rear staff Kalina, can be seen along with their voice. The cast for the new characters are Komatsu Mikako as the voice of Gentiane, Touyama Nao as the voice of Kalina, Nabatame Hitomi as voice of Agent, Okuno Kaya as the voice of Scarecrow, Itou Shizuka as the voice of Executioner, and Ootsuka Akio as the voice of Kruger.

Other than that, it was announced that the ending theme is “Horizon” by Team Shachi, and part of the song could be heard in the 2nd PV. The comments from Team Shachi have been revealed as well.

The worldwide streaming and Japan TV broadcast of the TV anime “Girls’ Frontline” will start in January 2022.

<Below are the full comments>

【Gentiane, voice by Komatsu Mikako】

Q1. Can you please tell us your impression on this work.

The T-dolls have the name of a gun. They have a cute appearance and seem adorable, but each of them has various thoughts toward the battle. Why do they fight? How are they thinking about their comrades? I will watch over this drama that revolves around the fierce battles of the T-dolls as the commander.

Q2. Can you please tell us your impression toward your characters as well as your ardor toward the role.

Gentiane gives off a daring impression during her appearance scene, but I feel that she has a burning passion despite being calm. Her interaction with the T-dolls and the war tactic are all filled with her thoughts. I will do my best together with her as we shared the fights, troubles, and bright hope with each other! Please do look forward to the broadcast.

【Kalina, voice by Touyama Nao】

Q1. Can you please tell us your impression on this work.

I had been involved with “Girls’ Frontline” for a long time, but I feel that this anime is the most hardcore and stylish work among the series. I was drawn into the world of this work immediately from the moment the opening theme song is played. Please do check out the elegant yet professional appearance of the T-dolls!

Q2. Can you please tell us your impression toward your characters as well as your ardor toward the role.

Kalina has shown her excellent side as the supporter of Gentiane. Despite working in a tense place, she is able to remain being funny and optimistic. However… she is able to be unexpectedly frank regarding the life and death of T-dolls. I am able to understand that that is the norm in that world, but I found it hard to insert that in my acting. During the recording, it was quite profound that each position can be seen clearly along with the in-depth of the world of “Girls’ Frontline”.

【Akimoto Honoka from Team Shachi】

It has been announced that Team Shachi will be handling the ending theme of the anime “Girls’ Frontline”. As the game and anime of this series have a firm world setting, I was quite excited as the “Girls’ Frontline” will mark the start of the new page for Team Shachi’s song. At the same time, I also feel the pressure, in a good way, of not wanting to disappoint the fans and wanting them to acknowledge our song. So, I hope that you are able to enjoy this song together with the anime♪

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