The outline and sneak peek of the episode 1 “Renan Kinshi Datte Koishitai (I want to fall in love despite the love restriction)” (Broadcast Date: October 4) of “Show Time! ~Uta no Onee-san Datte Shitai” have been revealed.

“Show Time! ~Uta no Onee-san Datte Shitai” is an anime based on the manga by Giri Giri Mai that had gotten a high review on the e-book store, “ComicFesta”. It depicts an adult love story of the “Scandal Interdiction” Uta no Onee-san, which started when the single father, who is aiming to become a child book writer, encountered the Uta no Onee-san in her casual appearance.

The title of episode 1 is “Renan Kinshi Datte Koishitai”.
The single father, Shouji brought her daughter Kana to watch the “O Uta no Onee-san” Parents Show, but due to technical problems, the show was canceled.
During their back home, in other to cheer up Kana, they went inside a family restaurant and share the seat with a drunken strange lady. However, Kana seems to get attached to that lady, and she ended up following them back home.

Well, that is a given, since the identity of that lady is the “off-work version of O Uta no Onee-san”.
Due to her work, she was unable to experience any romance and she drinks in desperation due to the feeling of solitude. After she revealed her circumstances, the both of them started to be aware of the interaction with different gender after a long time, then the lip of the two slowly approaches each other…

The broadcast date of episode 1 “Renan Kinshi Datte Koishitai” of “Show Time! ~Uta no Onee-san Datte Shitai” was on October 4, on TOKYO MX, and other channels.
Also, the premium version for adults can be watched only on “AnimeFesta”

Every Monday, at 1:00 AM, starting from October 2021

Every Monday, at 12:00 AM, starting from October 2021
※The TV version can be watched for free
※The premium version for adults can be watched only on “AnimeFesta”

★ The TV version will also be available on AnimeFesta Original Official Channel

Original Creator: Giri Giri Mai
Director/ Scriptwriter: Miura Saburou
Character Design: Hayazaki Kenichi
General Art Director: LAZZ
Sound Director: Hirasawa Hisayoshi
Sound Production: Studio Mausu
Animation Production: Rabbit Gate
Producer: Suiseisha

<Cast> ※Mutual cast members for the TV and Premium Version.
Takasaki Minami: Kitami Rikka
Fujimoto Shouji: Yagami Sen
Fujimoto Kana: Akatsuki Airi
Kazuhiro Onii-san: Shirakami Kanade
Paotan: Sakurai Alice

(C) Giri Giri Mai/ Suiseisha Inc