The “Souryo Slot” also known as “AnimeFesta Original” will broadcast “Show Time! ~Uta no Onee-san Datte Shitai (Show Time! ~Even the Singing Sister Want to Do It)” as the latest work of October 2021, and the broadcast will start on October 3.
It was also announced recently that the October 2021 anime “Maou Iburogia ni Mi wo Sasageyo (Devote your Body to the Demon Lord Iburogia)” will be broadcast on the same slot, which marks the first broadcast of 2 anime at the same time for this slot.

“Show Time! ~Uta no Onee-san Datte Shitai” is an anime based on the manga by Giri Giri Mai that had gotten a high review on the e-book store. The adult love story of the “Scandal Interdiction” Uta no Onee-san started after the single father, who is aiming to become a child book writer, encountered the Uta no Onee-san in her casual appearance.

The key visual has depicted the idol of the children on TV, “Minami Onee-san” also known as Takasaki Minami and the mascot of the educational program “Onee-san to Utaou! (Let’s Sing with Onee-san)” featuring her, Paotan. The main cast members were also announced, O Uta no Onee-san/ Takasaki Minami is voiced by Kitami Rikka, the single father Fujimoto Shouji is voiced by Yagami Sen, his only daughter Fujimoto Kana is voiced by Akatsuki Airi, the gymnast Onii-san Kazuhiro Onii-san is voiced by Shirojou Kanade, and the mascot Paotan is voiced by Sakurai Arisu.

The anime “Show Time! ~Uta no Onee-san Datte Shitai” will be broadcast on October 3, on TOKYO MX and BS11 as an on-air short anime. While the premium broadcast for adults with extreme scenes will be broadcast on “AnimeFesta”. Also, on the midnight of September 29, the special program “Let’s watch the new anime ‘Show Time!” special program with Uta no Onee-san! Special” will be broadcast. So, do check this out before watching the main work.

(C) Giri Giri Mai/ Suiseisha Inc