The chara pop store “Kuroko’s Basketball Chara Pop Store trad style” featuring the original illustration of the TV anime “Kuroko’s Basketball” in the “trad style” has been announced. It will be held in Adores, Akihabara Store, Tokyo from September 16, and the sale of the original goods with the illustration will start on the same day.

“Kuroko’s Basketball Chara Pop Store” is a time-limited event store, where you can experience the world of the anime “Kuroko’s Basketball” via the exhibitions and entertainments, such as the goods’ sale and mini-games. The previous store was held in June 2020, and it features the illustrations in the traditional Japanese clothing style, “~Street Wafuku Style~.

In the “Kuroko’s Basketball Chara Pop Store trad style”, the chara pop stores in the trad style will feature the limited original illustrations. The goods lineup consists of the “Acrylic Stand” that can be used for displaying, “Tin Badge” with an illustration on the 75mm badge, “A4 Clear File” that can be used in daily life, “Cloth Poster” that is suitable to hang on the wall with its A3 size, and “Spoon” & “Fork” that help to liven up the afternoon tea.

The prizes for the lottery are “Acrylic Board” for A prize, “Jacket-style Acrylic Key Holder” for B prize, “Tin Badge” for C prize, and “Die-cut Illustration Sheet” for D prize. The price for this lottery is 530 JPY (tax included) per tries.

“Kuroko’s Basketball Chara Pop Store trad style” will be held in Adores, Akihabara Store from September 16 to October 24. Detailed information can be found on “Kuroko’s Basketball Chara Pop Store” official website.

“Kuroko’s Basketball Chara Pop Store trad style”
Date: Thursday, September 16 to Sunday, October 24, 2021
Business Time: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
※Kindly be informed that the business time might change
Venue: 1-17-6 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021

(C) Fujimaki Tadatoshi/ Shueisha, Kuroko’s Basketball Production Committee