The collaboration between the game “Touken Ranbu Online” and the exhibition “The Sword: The Soul of the Warrior” has been decided. Various contents, such as the sale of goods and audio guide, will be available for a limited period from September 15 to October 31.

This collaboration was held to commemorate the display of the four swords, Hizamaru, Honebami Toushirou, Yoshimoto (Souza) Samonji, and Akita Toushirou, on “The Sword: The Soul of the Warrior”, an exhibition to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Suntory Museum of Art.

First is the sale of the venue’s limited collaboration goods. The “Tin Badge (4 types)” is priced at 550 JPY each, “Memo Pad” is priced at 660 JPY, “Postcard (set of 4)” is priced at 660 JPY, “Disinfection Spray (4 types)” is priced at 880 JPY each, “Double Ticket File (4 types)” is priced at 550 JPY each, while the “Tote Bag” is priced at 4,400 JPY. All the prices mentioned are inclusive of tax.
For the audio guide, the navigator will be Suzuki Yuuto (voice of Honebami Toushirou) and he will explain the exhibition in a simple manner. Also, the bonus track is the collaboration voices of the Touken Danshi Honebami Toushirou. The rental price of the audio guide is 600 JPY (tax included).

The broadcast of the travel program “Touken Ranbu Ookii Konnosuke no Touken Sanpo (Touken Ranbu: The strolling of the big Konnosuke)” featuring the 4 swords of this collaboration will have a special screening in Suntory Museum of Art. After the screening, the promotion leader, Ookii Konnosuke will make an appearance, and you can enjoy a photography session with him. This special screening is scheduled for September 25 and 26.
Other than that, there are also other various collaboration contents, such as the display of the life-sized panel of Honebami Toushirou, Akita Toushirou, Souza Samonji, and Hizamaru in the museum during the exhibition period.

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