From the TV anime “Remake our Life!”, the outline and sneak peek of episode 9 “Showing Off” (Saturday on September 4), and the visuals and cast for the new characters that appear from this episode, have been revealed. The latest information on the collaboration lottery and cafe have also been unveiled.

“Remake our Life!” is based on the light novel published by MF Bunko J. The story follows the main protagonist Hashiba Kyouya, who is working at a game company, travels ten years back and chooses to enroll in art college which he didn’t choose in his current life, to start his life all over again (remake).

Episode 9 is titled “Showing Off”.
When he wakes up, he finds himself being in the world of 2018. Although Kyoya at the age of 30 is somehow building a happy family, he has no idea about how this happened. Relying on Kawasegawa, who became his co-worker in this world as well, he attempts to find his peers called “Platinum Generation”…

New characters appear from episode 9. Honizumi Rina will play the role of Hashiba Maki, Takahashi Rie will play the role of Minori Ayaka, and Iwami Manaka will play the role of Morishita Miki.

Moreover, “Muv-Luv × Remake Our Life! Free Lottery” is now available on Muv-Luv Verse from September 4. You have a chance to win the cutscenes, digital original drawings, and posters featuring the collaboration visual revealed after episode 6, in this online lottery.

From September 14, a collaboration cafe with the TV anime “Remake Our Life!” will be open at 5 Machi★Asobi CAFE locations including Machi★Asobi CAFE Tokyo. Please visit the designated webpage for more details.

“Showing Off”, episode 9 of “Remake Our Life!”, is broadcast from Saturday, September 4, on TOKYO MX and other channels.

(C) Kio Nachi, Kadokawa/ Remake our Life! Production Committee