The outline and sneak peek of episode 7 “Take on the Unpleasant Things” of the TV anime “Remake our Life!” have been released.

“Remake our Life!” is based on the light novel published by MF Bunko J. This is a remade story, where the main protagonist Hashiba Kyouya, who is working at a game company, went back in time to the world 10 years ago and choose to enroll in art college which he didn’t choose in his current life.

The title for episode 7 is “Take on the Unpleasant Things”.
The fiancée of Tsurayuki, Sayuri started to visit frequently at the share house. While being troubled by it, Tsurayuki is focusing on writing the scenario. On the other hand, Kyouya is being approached intensively by Nanako and has also become a model of a risqué still for Shinoaki…

Episode 7 “Take on the Unpleasant Things” of “Remake our Life!” was broadcast on August 21 (Saturday) on TOKYO MX and other channels.

(C) Kio Nachi, Kadokawa/ Remake our Life! Production Committee