The first key visual and the first PV of the TV anime “Slow Loop”, which will be on air in January 2022, have been released. The main cast, including Kusumi Rin, Hioka Natsumi, and Mineuchi Tomomi, has also been announced.

This work is based on the same-name manga by Uchino Maiko serialized in “Manga Time Kirara Forward”. This is a girls’ story about Hiyori and Koharu, who became “sisters” due to an accident encounter and deepen their ties through “fishing.”

This time, the first key visual and the first PV have been released.
The PV shows details of Hiyori, Koharu, the charm and relationship of love, and fishing. The key visual depicts Hiyori, Koharu, and Koi enjoying fly fishing in a summer mountain stream.

The cast for the three main characters has also been announced.
Kasumi Rin as Yamakawa Hiyori who is good at fly fishing and likes nature. Hioka Natsumi is innocent and good at cooking Minagi Koharu. Mineuchi Tomomi as Yoshinaga Koi, a well-established older sister who is in charge of the fishing tackle shop. Comments from each cast member have also been received.

In addition, a collaboration with Yokosuka City, which is one of the stage models, has also been announced. As the first collaboration, collaboration posters will be posted at collaboration stores, shopping streets, and fishing tackle stores in Yokosuka City. More collaboration projects and Yokosuka original collaboration goods will be available in the future, so be sure to check it out.
The TV anime “Slow Loop” will be on air in January 2022.

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Kusumi Rin as Yamakawa Hiyori

Impressions when you read this work for the first time
Along with the everyday heartwarming feelings of the unique girls, the characters are very human-like, but they move forward with the help and awareness of each other’s words. I thought it was a work that really felt the warmth of such people.

About the character you play
Hiyori seems to be cold but she is not moody. Her eyes shine when she has fun, and when she is in trouble, she is impatient. I want to perform such a life-sized girl.

A message to everyone who is looking forward to the broadcast
Whether you like fishing or have never touched fishing before, this is work that anyone can enjoy! I will do my best to make it loved by many people, so please enjoy the anime “Slow Loop”!

Hioka Natsumi as Minagi Koharu

Impressions when you read this work for the first time
I had no knowledge about fishing until now, so as I read it my knowledge about fishing become deeper and I may have even become interested in it?!. The food made out of fish seems to be delicious every time, and I was hungry when I read it… (laughs). I was really healed by the design and atmosphere ♪

About the character you play
Koharu is always bright and energetic! She is an innocent girl. She is honest with her feelings and immediately speaks out about what she thinks and takes action, which is both good and worrisome (laughs). She is also a good cook and the gap is cute!

A message to everyone who is looking forward to the broadcast
I think it’s a work that both those who like fishing and those who don’t enjoy it! One of the highlights is the production of fishing scenes unique to anime and the cute facial expressions of the characters. Please check out the relationship between Hiyori, Koharu, and Koi ♪

Mineuchi Tomomi as Yoshinaga Koi

Impression when you read the work for the first time
I thought that it was a work that gently conveys the excitement of fishing, the comfort of nature, and the warm exchanges between characters from each frame. The first time I read it was midnight, but… I really wanted to eat fish!

About the character you play
She is the eldest daughter of four siblings who are good at taking care of the fishing tackle shop at home. She basically rarely fishes herself, but she has a lot of knowledge about it, so she often accompanies and support. Her wide face is also attractive, such as the harsh comedy between her active father and the cute side to her mother who is hard to meet!

A message to everyone who is looking forward to the broadcast
You can finally see three people acting…! Also, the food made from the fileted fish looks very delicious, so it’s a highlight! (smile). I would like to take good care of the atmosphere I felt when I read the work.

Original: Uchino Maiko (Manga Time Kirara Forward / Houbunsha)
Director: Akitaya Noriaki
Deputy Director: Morita Geinari
Series composition: Yamada Yuka
Character design / animation director: Takimoto Shoko
Fishing scene production: Shibata Takumi
Cooking / Effects Animation Director: Washikita Kyota
Art director: Morokuma Rin (Studio Tenjin)
Color design: Tsukino Erika
Cinematographer: Sato Atsushi (Studio Shamrock)
3D Director: Hamamura Toshiro (Wired)
Edited by: Sendo Maki (REAL-T)
Sound Director: Tsuchiya Masaki
Music: Iga Takuro
Music production: FlyingDog
Animation production: CONNECT
Production: Slow Loop Production Committee

& lt; cast & gt;
Minagi Hiyori: Kusumi Rin Minagi Koharu: Hioka Natsumi Yoshinaga Koi: Mineuchi Tomomi & lt; / cast & gt;

(C) Uchino Maiko / Yoshisha / Slow Loop Production Committee