‘Ani-Monozukuri Award’, an only anime X different industry collaboration award, has started accepting entries from May 17, 2021.

‘Ani-Monozukuri Award’ started in 2017, in order to commend considerable efforts that function as a bridge between the anime industry and private companies since more and more private companies have been working on their marketing in collaboration with anime/manga/characters today, thanks to many blockbuster animated films and TV anime series.
Over 300 titles applied for the 3 awarding ceremonies in the past, and the past prize-winning works include ‘Suntory Natural Mineral Water X “Your Name.” ‘We’ll definitely meet this summer.’ Campaign’ by Suntory Communications Ltd., and ‘Sword Art Online The Beginning Sponsored by IBM’ by IBM Japan, Ltd.

From this year, ‘Regional Revitalization Division’ under the theme of ‘Regional Revitalization X Anime’ has newly been established, and a wide range of ‘anime X different industry collaborations’ will be accepted and commended, according to a total of 7 divisions.

The grand prize and other prize winners in each division will be announced and awarded in ‘Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2021 (Kyomaf)’, which will be held in the mid of September in Kyoto.

The application period will be May 17 to June 30, and it will be open for the titles that are released from January 1, 2019, to June 30, 2021.
Please check out the official website for further details.

Executive Committee Member
‘Ani-Monozukuri Award’ is the only award ceremony throughout Japan, to commend advertisements or collaboration projects, featuring anime, manga, or characters. Everyday, some anime TV commercials come on, and numerous collaboration items become available on shelves of convenience stores and super markets. This is one aspect of the anime culture that Japan should be proud of. Please show your achievement of ‘Ani-Monozukuri’ made by a person in charge, creator, copyright holder, and the fans together as one.