The new futuristic TV “ABEMA” has announced the top 5 works of the “Mid Ranking” of the new anime that started broadcast in July 2021. “Tokyo Revengers” has taken the first place in the “Cumulative Views” category while “IDOLISH7: Third BEAT!” has taken the first place in the “Most Comments” category, and both of these works are keeping their momentums from the “Initial Velocity Ranking”.

The “Mid Ranking” is conducted based on the anime that started broadcast in July 2021, on “ABEMA Anime Channel”. The “Cumulative Views Category” is based on the views for the first broadcast and repeat broadcast of the first five episodes while the comments for the first five episodes are counted for the “Most Comments Category”. Now, here are the recommended popular summer anime.

The 1st place of “Cumulative Views Category” is “Tokyo Revengers”, and it is a story about taking revenge on life as the hopeless freeter and main protagonist Hanagaki Takamichi went back to the peak of his life, which is 12 years ago during his middle school time, as he tries to change himself not to run away from his problems while saving his lover. It has remained on the same place from the “Initial Velocity Ranking” that only targeted episode 1.

The 2nd place is “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2”, 3rd place is “The Honor at Magic High School”, 4th place is “Spirit Chronicles”, and 5th place is “The Detective is Already Dead”.

For the “Most Comments Category”, the top place is taken by “IDOLISH7: Third BEAT!”, and it is the 3rd season of “IDOLISH7” that shakes the idol industry with the various intertwined expectations as the “latest faction” that is moving secretly. This work has also remained its momentum from the “Initial Velocity Ranking”. Some of the comments from the audiences are “This is a mental training anime”, “I’m thankful that the opening is quite soothing…”, “This is a God anime that can be enjoyed by watching the anime only”, and “The high school students group is so cute”.

The 2nd place is “The Aquatope on White Sand”, 3rd place is “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S”, 4th place is “The Honor at Magic High School”, and the 5th place is “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”.

All the works that are ranked in the top place of the “Mid Ranking” are currently available on “ABEMA Anime Channel”. Do check it out if you have missed out on this as well as those who want to continue to pursue the popular summer 2021 anime.

“ABEMA” “Mid” Ranking of July 2021 Anime

▼ Cumulative Views Category
1. “Tokyo Revengers”
2. “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2”
3. “The Honor at Magic High School”
4. “Spirit Chronicles”
5. “The Detective is Already Dead”

▼ Most Comments Category
1. “IDOLISH7: Third BEAT!”
2. “The Aquatope on White Sand”
3. “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S”
4. “The Honor at Magic High School”
5. “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”

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(C) Kitayama Yuri, Hobby Japan/ “Spirit Chronicles” Production Committee
(C) 2021 Nigojuu, Umibozu/ KADOKAWA/ TanMoshi Production Committee
(C) BNOI/ Ainana Production Committee
(C) project Tingara
(C) Coolkyoushinja, Futabasha/ Dragon’s Life Improvement Committee
(C) Hiroyuki, Kodansha/ Girlfriend, Girlfriend Production Committee