The official website of “Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water Exhibition”, an exhibition celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water” has announced they will reopen the exhibition after the postponement. The updated schedule was from September 10th, 2021 (Fri) to September 26th, 2021 (Sun). This event looks back at the processes of how “Nadia” was born through more than 400 “original” materials, and there would be novelty goods exclusively produced for this special event.

“Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water Exhibition” marks the 30th anniversary of “Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water”, a TV anime series directed by Anno Hideaki from 1990 to 1991.

At the venue, visitors will first see a shining “Blue Water” welcoming them at the opening section. Then, in the introduction section, they can admire the “early materials” of the animation, such as the initial product proposal, countlessly revised logo design, image boards of animators including Yoshiyuki Sadamoto and Mahiro Maeda. In the following “Production Material of Animation Full Edition” visitors get a chance to get a full view of more than 400 “original” materials that are extremely valuable today. These materials include notes that Director Hideaki Anno jotted down his ideas, images of the settings, storyboards, original pictures, and cels.

There is still more to come. In the “Epilogue~Ending” section, visitors will get inside Marie’s room. This room is a perfect reproduction of the room that appears in the epilogue of the anime where visitors can look at the various pictures that bring them back memories of the animation. Also, there will be a gallery that displays illustrations that were introduced by the media of those days along with promotional items that were used to be sold.

Another must-see is the never-used illustrations of the final episode which was revised multiple times until the very last minute. Director Anno’s autograph notes that will be displayed additionally from the exhibition in Tokyo are also too good to miss.

Moreover, there will be various novelty goods to celebrate this remarkable event. The lineups will be an acrylic stand, keychain watch (Blue Water pattern), Gargoyle sweet bun, Gratin’s gratin dish, manga print, and many more. These unique items will not only satisfy the fans from when “Nadia” was aired but will also entertain people who recently got into the anime.

“Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water Exhibition” will be held in the updated schedule from September 10th, 2021 (Fri) to September 26th, 2021 (Sun) at Space 634 located on the 5th floor of Tokyo Skytree Town “Sorimachi”.