Episode 8, ‘She obviously likes him’ from the TV anime “Kanojo mo Kanojo” will be broadcast on Friday, 20th August. The summary and the preview scenes were released.

“Kanojo mo Kanojo” is based on HIROYUKI’s new standard romantic comedy comic which is currently serialized in ‘Weekly Shonen Magazine’. The main character, Naoya, is a first-grade high school student and he asks Saki out who he liked for so long. They start to go out and it’s the happiest time of his life. However, a beautiful girl, Nagisa asks Naoya to go out with her. She is a really nice girl and Naoya is not sure what to do, but…

The title of Episode 8 is ‘She obviously likes him’.

Rika goes to the classroom to see Naoya, but Saki stops her and they are in a hair-trigger situation. Naoya worries about Saki and holds her in front of everybody in the classroom.

Not only at school, but Rika follows Naoya outside school as well. Naoya starts to realize Rika’s feelings, so Saki and Nagisa tell him a crazy lie.

“Kanojo mo Kanojo” Episode 8, ‘She obviously likes him’ will be broadcast on MBS, TBS, and BS-TBS on channel “Animeism” from Friday 20th August.

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