From “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” comes the sale event “Natsu no Kanojo mo Mizugi no Kanojo (Lit. Summer Girlfriend, Swimsuits Girlfriend)” featuring the goods with the “original swimsuits illustration” of Sasaki Saki, Minase Nagisa, and others. It will be held on nationwide Animate and Animate online store from September 10.

“Natsu no Kanojo mo Mizugi no Kanojo” is a sale event of the goods of “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” with the summer vacation theme. The lineup consists of 6 items, which are acrylic keyholder, chibi acrylic key holder, tin badge set, clear file, T-shirt, and muffler towel.

There are 4 types of original illustration, which are Sasaki Saki, Minase Nagisa, Hoshizaki Rika, and Kiryuu Shino. The swimsuits are inspired by each character and the design is created with fixation to the fine detail.

As the novelty, an “original illustrated cheki-style card (5 types)” will be given randomly for each purchase of 1,000 JPY of “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” related goods at applicable store during the campaign period.

Also, on September 10, which is the starting date of the sale event, limited goods with the same original illustration will be available on Animate Online only “Kujimate”, so do check this out as well.

“Natsu no Kanojo mo Mizugi no Kanojo” will be held from September 10 to 26, 2021, on 10 nationwide Animate stores and Animate online store.

(C) Hiroyuki, Kodansha/ Girlfriend, Girlfriend Production Committee 2021