The outline and sneak peek of episode 6 “Tsun Is Dere” (Broadcast Date: August 6) of the TV anime “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” have been released.

“Girlfriend, Girlfriend” is based on the “Neo-standard Romance Comedy” manga by Hiroyuki that is currently serialized on “Weekly Shounen Magazine”.
The main protagonist, Naoya is a freshman in high school, and he managed to be the boyfriend of Saki, who he had liked for a long time. During his peak of happiness, he was suddenly confessed by the beautiful young girl, Nagisa. After being moved by her extreme goodwill, Naoya made a certain decision…

The title of episode 6 is “Tsun Is Dere”.
Rika is enjoying her solo camping life at the garden of Naoya’s house. As Naoya, Saki, and Nagisa are unable to let that pass, they forcefully remove all the camping tools when Rika is away from her tent.

Naoya is delaying Rika, who is returning to her tent, outside of his house. At that time, Nagisa and Saki are handing over the camping equipment to the garbage collector.
The angry Rika is demanding a large amount of compensation from Naoya. Then, someone appears, and causes the situation to have a huge change…

The broadcast date of episode 6 “Tsun Is Dere” of “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” is on August 6, 2021, on the “Animeism” slot of MBS, TBS, and BS-TBS.

(C) Hiroyuki, Kodansha/ Girlfriend, Girlfriend Production Committee 2021