From the TV anime “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”, the outline and sneak peek of episode 11 “Hot Spring Tropes” (Broadcast Date: Saturday, September 11) have been released.

“Girlfriend, Girlfriend” is based on the neo-standard rom-com manga that was written by Hiroyuki and is currently serialized in “Weekly Shounen Magazine”.
The main protagonist Naoya is a freshman in high school. He finally confessed his love to Saki, who he had liked for a long time, and managed to be her boyfriend. At the peak of happiness, he was suddenly confessed by a beautiful girl Nagisa, “will you date me?”. As he was moved by her good impression , Naoya made a decision…

The title of episode 11 is “Hot Spring Tropes”.

Nagisa and Rika are reluctantly being together to cheat Shino, who is suspicious of Naoya being a two-timer. The two try out the private open-air bath in their room.

Naoya is worried about Nagisa, who is spending time separately, and goes to take her from the roof of the building. He finds Nagisa and Rika in a bath, and tries to take Nagisa back. However, Nagisa feels unrest by the sudden approach of Naoya, and refuses that. After Nagisa leaves the bath, Naoya and Rika were left alone. Rika jumped on the chance, and tries to seduce Naoya, but……!?

“Hot Spring Tropes”, episode 11 of “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” was broadcast on MBS, TBS, BS-TBS’s “Animeism” slot on Saturday, September 11.

【Broadcast Information】
Starting on July 3, 2021, broadcast on MBS, TBS, BS-TBS’s “Animeism” slot!

Starting on Saturday, July 3, every Saturday at 2:25 AM
Starting on Saturday, July 3, every Saturday at 2:25 AM
Starting on Saturday, July 3, every Saturday at 3:00 AM
ABEMA Premium
Starting on Saturday, July 3, every Saturday at 3:00 AM
Starting on Sunday, July 4, every Sunday at 0:00 AM
Starting on Wednesday, July 7, every Wednesday at 10:30 PM
*Repeat broadcast every Friday at 10:30 AM / every Tuesday at 4:30 PM

Mukai Naoya: Enoki Junya
Saki Saki: Sakura Ayane
Minase Nagisa: Waki Azumi
Hoshizaki Rika: Taketatsu Ayana
Kiryu Shino: Takahashi Rie

Original Creator: Hiroyuki
Director: Kuwabara Satoshi
Series Composition: Ochi Keiichiro
Script: Ochi Keiichiro, Inukai Kazuhiko, Morita Mayumi
Character Design / Chief Animation Director: Toyoda Akiko
Art Director: Saito Masami
Color Design: Aburaya Yumi
Director of Photography:: Kimura Toshiya (T2 Studio)
Editing: Uchida Wataru (Conquest)
Sound Director: Motoyama Satoshi
Sound Production: HALF H·P STUDIO
Music: Sakurai Miki, Saiki Tatsuhiko, Aoki Sayaka
Music Production: Nichion
Music Assistance: Myrica Music
Opening Theme: “Fuzaketenai ze” by Necry Talkie
Ending Theme: “Pinky Hook” by Asakura Momo
Animation Production: Tezuka Productions

(C) Hiroyuki, Kodansha/ Girlfriend, Girlfriend Production Committee 2021