“Crayon Shin-chan: Shrouded in Mystery! The Flowers of Tenkazu Academy” is in theaters since July 30, 2021. In connection with this full-fledged mystery, it was announced that “Crayon Shin-chan Ora to Natsuyasumi Shina-i SP” (Let’s Enjoy Summer Vacation Together) will be broadcast on TV Asahi franchized channels from 11:00 am to 11:40 am on August 7.

“Ora to Natsuyasumi Shina-i SP” is a separate slot from the regular broadcast that starts from 4:30 pm and will feature 3 mysterious episodes “Camp e Ikuzo”, “Himitsu-chan to Shoubud Dazo”, and “Himitsu-chan wa Tomodachi Dazo”, which were broadcast in 2015.
The episodes depict Shinnosuke’s interaction with Himitsu-chan, an elusive girl he meets when he went camping with his family.
The story is sweet, sour, and nostalgic while leaving a mysterious aftertaste about Himitsu-chan’s existence.

Himitsu-chan is played by Ootani Ikue, who’s well known as Pikachu in “Pokémon” and Tony Tony Chopper in “One Piece”.
Be sure to check out Fushigi-chan, the girl who became a hot topic with her mysterious cuteness back in 2015.

“Ora to Natsuyasumi Shina-i SP” is broadcast on Asahi TV channels from 11:00 am to 11:40 am on August 7.
The regular broadcast on the same day, which starts at 4:30 pm, will feature 3 episodes: “Chokobi no Koujou Kengaku Dazo”, “Kaachan no Gokigen wo Toruzo”, and “Goukai Sakka to Sales Lady Dazo”.

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