Wada Shunsuke, a composer who has worked on stage productions such as “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba,” has established OTO.LIKO Inc., with the aim of fostering creators and actors, as well as promoting domestically produced musicals and developing them overseas.

OTO.LIKO Inc. is a new company headed by Shunsuke Wada, who has written music for the stage series “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” and the hyper-projection theater series “Haikyu!!” series.
Wada-san’s goal is to use the skills and know-how he has cultivated to discover the next generation of composers, actors, and singers, and to develop human resources who will lead Japan’s stage, musical, and music industries.

It will also plan and produce original musicals produced in Japan, using creators, actors, and singers that it has nurtured.
Furthermore, with the aim of breaking away from Japan’s current dependence on foreign musicals, the company will work to promote domestically produced musicals in Japan and expand overseas, thereby contributing to the development of the stage and musical industry in Japan.

Nice to meet you.
I’m Wada Shunsuke, a composer.

It’s been 20 years since I graduated from university.
I’ve been creating music that I love for a long time, despite all the hardships.
I’ve met too many wonderful people, I’ve been entrusted with big roles that I never thought I’d have to play, and I’ve been able to create songs that I can’t even believe I’m writing.
Looking back, it’s been an overwhelmingly dramatic 20 years.

… that is how I have been feeling…
But I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel right.

I feel like I haven’t been able to put the baton I received from my predecessors into music.
I feel like I haven’t been able to leave a path forward for those who will live in the future.
I feel like I’ve been self-satisfied for a long time.
I’ve had enough of this. I need to think seriously about everyone, not just myself.
So I decided to start a new company.

It’s called OTO.LIKO Inc.
I’ve become a TOLIKO of OTO (captivated by sound/music), and now I want to make everyone around me, somewhere in the world, more TOLIKO of OTO.
The word “LIKO” also has the meaning of “bud”.
LIKO also means “bud” in Japanese, as in “let’s grow the buds of sound”.
This is the meaning of our company name.

In this position, I will mobilize all of my insight and experience to nurture creators and produce creative projects.
I will create a place where everyone can be surrounded by sound every day.
Of course, I am still in the process of learning.
While nurturing people and their works, I am also nurturing myself.
I would like to create an environment here where we can be aware of each other.
I hope you will watch over me with an excited heart.
This is my first challenge and great adventure at the age of 43.
I’ll enjoy it!

[Article reprinted from Anime! Anime! Biz/animeanime.biz].