CREST Inc., which is involved in IP contents business, game business, global human resources matching business, etc., has launched “100studio (One Double O Studio)”, an organization directly under the IP division, which mainly focuses on digital animation production.

“100studio” was established as a “studio that supports creators” with the aim of “enriching people’s minds through animation” as a core pillar of CREST’s animation production business, whose mission is to “match creativity around the world and create new content.”
CREST believes that by connecting “production” and “packaging” and utilizing the individuality of creators, attractive works will be created, and they will produce animation works for the world.
In addition, in order to “support talented creators regardless of location,” they are preparing to set up multiple bases, including regional and overseas studios.

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Background of the launch of “100studio”
We believe that the visual expression of most animation works today has become so generalized that it is difficult to differentiate a work based on the appeal of its visuals alone. In order to realize the total production of attractive IP, we decided to establish a “packaging” business within our own studio in addition to the traditional animation “producing” business.