KADOKAWA announces the start of a new music project “BAD TOWN REVERSAL” with the theme of “Casino x Live x Male characters”. At the same time, a public audition for 9 main cast members has also been announced.

“BAD TOWN REVERSAL” is a new live content that adds a “casino” element to male characters who sing and dance, allowing you to enjoy deep and extraordinary life.
Character design is done by Fukami Makoto, who handled the script and novelization of “PSYCHO-PASS”, and illustrator Eita, known for “Fate / Grand Order” and “Fire Emblem Heroes”.
In addition, m. c. A・T, who wrote hit songs for many artists, including DA PUMP, will be theme song music producer, and Morita Sumimasa (FIREWORKS) known for “Animelo Summer Live”, “Disney Voice Prince”, “Tokyo 7th Sisters” and “Morning Musume. ’20” will be in charge of live production and casting.

In addition, with the start of this project, a public cast audition for 9 main characters of “BAD TOWN REVERSAL” will be held.
See the special webpage for details.

There is a worldwide city for foreign currency acquisition ── “Kusanagi City” in Tokyo.
It is a special economic zone with special tax systems and laws for the wealthy overseas. As a matter of course, gambling was also lifted in Kusanagi City.
A large number of tourists coming there and the show business industry has noticed it. A new landfill, a nightless castle. A city where a tremendous amount of cash flies.
Gambling is the main industry of Kusanagi City. He that is master of casino, will soon be master of Kusanagi City.
One set of a huge hotel, shopping mall, stage, and casino.
In downtown Kusanagi, three casinos still spark today.

At the Kusanagi casino, there are “dealer” who runs the gamble
“Bouncer” that protects dealers
“Survival” that moves bouncers
“performers” who perform entertainment shows.

Performers have one purpose.
Entertaining guests and calling them for gambling.

■ Screenplay / Original: Fukami Makoto
PSYCHO-PASS (Screenplay, Novelize)
Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka (Original, Series Composition), etc.

■ Character design Eita
NORN9 Norn + Nonette (illustrator)
Charade Maniacs (illustrator)
Fire Emblem Heroes (illustrator)
Fate / Grand Order (illustrator) and others

■ Theme song music producer m.c.A・T
“Bomb A Head!” “Oh! My Precious!”
“SUPER HAPPY” “I’m so happy!”other

■ Live Produce Casting Morita Sumimasa (FIREWORKS)
Animelo Summer Live
Lis Ani! live
The Prince of Tennis Original author Takeshi Konomi Live
Disney Voice Prince,
Tokyo 7th Sisters
Morning Musume. ’20 and others

■ Planning / Original / Music production KADOKAWA

“Audition information”
Document & sound source examination
[Application deadline] August 20, 2021 (Friday) 06:00 P.M.
* The results of the document screening will be announced on the official website on September 1, 2021 (Wednesday).
* Details of the second screening will be sent by email to those who have passed the document screening.

[Secondary examination] Acting / dance examination
[Third screening] SNS screening
[Announcement of final successful applicants] Scheduled to be unveiled at a special event this winter

● Healthy men in their 20s with Japanese nationality
(* Since the content is based on the theme of casinos, it is for people over 20 years old as of October 31, 2021*)
● Welcome to those who have experience in dancing and singing
● Those who do not have an office contract (* If you belong to an office, please be sure to consult with your office before applying *)
● No background needed

After downloading the entry sheet from the BTR audition official website,
● Entry sheet
● Bust-up / full-body size profile photo (1 each)
● Performance video
(A video of playing an arbitrary song, about 1 chorus, dancing, singing, or playing an instrument)
● Acting video (video/sound source that speaks by selecting an arbitrary one from the dialogue list)
Please send the above 4 documents to the audition email address.