It was announced that there will be an anime adaption of ‘Fantasia Sango’, a popular RPG from Taiwan. The anime series, titled ‘Fantasia Sango – Tengen Reishinki’, will start airing in October 2021. Along with the news, four characters, production staff, and cast members were announced.

The original work of this anime is an RPG developed by a Taiwanese company, USERJOY Technology. The story is based on one of the four ancient novels of China ‘The Records of Three Kingdoms’ but combined with fantasy elements. Since the launch of the first generation in 2003 to its fifth generation, this RPG has sold over two million copies.

The story is set in the Three Kingdoms era of ancient China when powerful warlords maneuvered to conquer the whole country.
The warlords attracted the king of Moryo (spirits and goblins), and the battle between the Moryo and the Moryo hunters broke out.
To defeat the Moryo, the 6th Unit that was once wiped out in unforeseen contingencies has reassembled. The four members are Ōki, the leader and the sealer, Shunkyō, the spirit purifier, Teiken, the weapon manager, and Shōrei, the demon slayer girl.
While each member carries a traumatic past, the 6th Unit fights against the Moryo to survive and protect the comrades.

The cast members announced this time include Kensho Ono, Hisako Kanemoto, Mai Nakahara, and Makoto Furukawa. Shunsuke Machitani will serve as the director, and the animation will be by Geek Toys. There will be further information announced in the future.

TV anime “Fantasia Sango – Tengen Reishinki-“ will start airing from October 2021.

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