From the TV anime “Heaven Official’s Blessing”, the summary and sneak peek of Episode 4 “Ghost King Hua Cheng” which aired on July 25 (Sun) have been released.

Based on a Chinese web novel, “Heaven Official’s Blessing” is a fantasy anime set in a fictional ancient China, which has been distributed on Chinese bilibili video since October 2020 and has received over 300 million views. The detailed story unfolds in a beautiful and mysterious world and the attractive characters have been widely talked about, especially in Asia.

The title of Episode 4 is “Ghost King Hua Cheng”.
The bandaged boy’s face bears the scars of the human plague that once drove the Kingdom of Xian Le to destruction. Xie Lian reported to Reiaya about Yu Jun Mountain and the boy and asked the priests about the Lord of the Silver Butterfly they had met in the corpse forest.

The Lord of the Butterflies was Ghost King Hua Cheng, one of the Four Great Evils, who had once fought a duel with 33 priests and won, shaking the heavens.
One day, on the way home from collecting scraps, he meets a boy on the back of an ox cart.

The fourth episode of “Heaven Official’s Blessing” “Ghost King Hua Cheng” started airing on TOKYO MX and BS11 from July 25, 2021 (Sun).