The outline and sneak peek of episode 2 “Getting Wet is Part of my Job” (Broadcast Date: July 15, 2021) of the TV anime “The Aquatope on White Sand” have been released.

“The Aquatope on White Sand” is a brand new anime that takes place at a small aquarium in Okinawa prefecture. This anime is created by the teams of P.A.WORKS, director Shinohara Toshiya, and the series composer Kakihara Yuuko, who had worked together in “A Lull in the Sea” and “Iroduku: The World in Colors”.

The story started when the high school girl meets the proxy manager of an aquarium that is going to close down, Misakino Kukuru and the young girl who lost her place as she gave up on her dream in Tokyo, Miyazawa Fuuka. This is a “Girl meets Girl” youth drama that depicts the bond and troubles of the two girls, who are different, as well as their growth through the work at the aquarium.

The title of episode 2 is “Getting Wet is Part of my Job”.
Fuuka started working at the “Gama Gama Aquarium”, and she started living at Misakino’s house after being welcomed by Kukuru’s grandparent.

In order to prevent the closure of the aquarium, Kukuru is showing her spirit toward her work by saying “Summer vacation is our final chance”.

On the next day, Kukuru is guiding Fuuka strictly on the task of the aquarium, and then they will be doing the feeding show of the penguin together…!?

The broadcast date of episode 2 “Getting Wet is Part of my Job” of “The Aquatope on White Sand” is on July 15, 2021 (Thursday), on TOKYO MX and other channels.

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