The TV anime “My Hero Academia”, currently in its 5th season, released the synopsis and promo for the 103rd episode titled “One Thing at a Time”, broadcast on July 10, 2021.

“My Hero Academia” is based on the hero/action manga by Horikoshi Kohei, serialized on the “Weekly Shonen Jump” magazine.
In the TV Anime’s 5th season, in the Joint Training, Deku competes against the students from class 1-B, who also aim to become heroes, putting their pride on the line. During the training One For All manifests a new power, which Deku finds out that it is a Quirk that belonged to one of the previous users.
Later in winter, seeking to improve their skills, Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki start an internship under the current No.1 Pro Hero, Endeavor.

The episode 103 is titled “One Thing at a Time”.
Infiltrated as a spy in the Meta Liberation Army, Hawks (Nakamura Yuichi) surprisingly witnesses the assembly of the mysterious organization, and the League of Villains.

After deciphering a hidden message inside the “Meta Liberation War” book handed by Hawk, thus gaining knowledge of a new imminent threat, Endeavor (Inada Tetsu) decides to personally train Deku (Yamashita Daiki), Bakugo (Okamoto Nobuhiko), and Todoroki (Kaji Yuki).
Under Endeavor’s guidance, a new chapter for Deku and his friends unfolds….
This episode features Re-Destro (Hirata Hiroaki) and other new characters from the Meta Liberation Army appearing for the first time.

TV Anime “My Hero Academia” season 5 episode 103 “One Thing at a Time” aired on July 10 (Sat) from 17:30 at Yomiuri TV, and all 29 Nippon TV channels throughout Japan.

(C) Horikoshi Kohei / Shueisha – My Hero Academia Production Committee