The video project featuring the voice actors talking about ghost stories “Seiyuu ga Kataru Kowai Hanashi Chapter 2” (lit. Voice Actors talks about horror story: Chapter 2) will be broadcast on July 2, 2021 during the “third quarter of the hour of the ox, where plants are sleeping”. Chapter 2 will feature a total of 6 cast members, which are Okamoto Nobuhiko, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Saitou Soma, Ishikawa Kaito, Satou Gen, and Kamio Shinichirou.

“Seiyuu ga Kataru Kowai Hanashi” is a video project featuring the voice actors and ghost stories professionals and “Chapter 1” that was released in 2020 had gotten quite good feedback.

This project will feature “Kowagarase Tai” (lit. Scaring Team) that has produced various products specializing in horror and “Dream Planet Japan” that handles the art of the haunted house. Along with new members in the voice actor Kaidanshi (lit. Ghost story teller), they will talk about various ghost stories that they had experience before.

The key visual and cast members’ information have been released before the broadcast.
The jet-black Kaidanshi is Okamoto Nobuhiko, the Tsuyusaku Kaidanshi is Suzuki Tatsuhisa, the blue Kaidanshi is Saitou Soma, the Yuzu-ha Kaidanshi is Ishikawa Kaito, the white moon Kaidanshi is Satou Gen, while the Ama Kaidanshi is Kamio Shinichirou.

The TV broadcast of “Seiyuu ga Kataru Kowai Hanashi Chapter 2” (12 episode in total) will be broadcast on MBS, on July 3, 2021, at 2:22 AM as a “ghost broadcast” as no information will be published on the TV schedule and EPG info.
The complete edition will be broadcast on the official YouTube channel at 7:00 PM, on July 2.