The first cour of the anime spring season 2021 is finally coming to the second half. The viewers’ enthusiastic gaze is being focused on what kind of endings are waiting for favorite characters.

From the main characters who pull the story to the sub-characters who give off a presence that can not be ignored, a variety of characters has been shown this season as well. Probably many readers have fallen in love at first sight with them.

Here at Anime!Anime!, we conducted a reader survey entitled “In which character from titles of spring season 2021 did you fall in love from the first sight?” The target titles are the ones that have started broadcasting and streaming from the April 2021 period (March to June). We received responses from 170 people during the survey period from June 4 to June 11.
The male-female ratio is about 20% for males and about 80% for females. About 50% of the age group were teens, and about 30% were in their 20s.

This time, we will announce the results of the female character edition.

■ Unique heroines are ranked in!
First place
1st place goes to Emilico from “Shadow House” with an approval rating of about 10%.

Emilico is one of the faceless clan, shadow’s caretaker, and living doll. Many readers fell in love with her, who is always working hard, “She’ll do everything for her owner, Kate. She is sometimes clumsy, but she does her best and I want to support her.”, and “Honest, positive and adorable Emilico is healing me!”

2nd place
2nd place goes to Doujima Mayumi from “Pretty Boy Detective Club” with an approval rating of about 7%.

The story begins when Doujima Mayumi gets involved with the Boys Detective Club. Many readers pointed on the performance with many monologues, “Sakamoto Maaya’s voice shows the cuteness of Mayumi-chan in the best way.” Some readers were touched by the story development, “I like her cuteness that can’t be hidden even if she dresses as a man.”

3rd place
3rd place goes to Shida Kuroha from “Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose” with an approval rating of about 6%.

Shida Kuroha is a childhood friend of the main character, Maru Sueharu. Her energetic nature attracted many fans, “She’s a cheerful and cute healing character”, and “She has a cute smile and her face when she lies is great.”

■ Let’s introduce other comments!
For Vivy from “Vivy -Fluorite Eye & Song”, “A strong and beautiful AI diva. And it is also great how she changes through interactions with people and AI.”

For Sei from “The Saint’s Magic Power Is Omnipotent”, “She is a strong person who stays tough even when she gets summoned to another world, she is still looking for what she can do and adapting to the new environment.”

About Irene Adler from “Moriarty the Patriot”, who also ranked in the male edition as James Bond, “She was my favorite character since I read the original, but I fell in love with Hikasa Yoko’s voice in the anime.”, and “Her strong beliefs are amazing.”

■ Ranking Top 10
“In which character from titles of spring season 2021 did you fall in love from the first sight? Female character edition”
1st place Emilyco “Shadow House”
2nd place Doujima Mayumi “Pretty Boy Detective Club”
3rd place Shida Kuroha “Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose”
4th place Irene Adler “Moriarty the Patriot”
4th place Uraraka Ochaco “My Hero Academia”
4th Kyouyama Anna “SHAMAN KING”
4th place Gotou Airi “Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took In a High School Runaway”
4th place Sei (Kotori Yusei) “The Saint’s Magic Power Is Omnipotent”
9th place Azazel Amelie “Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun”
9th place Kawaike Kodake “Pretty Boy Detective Club”
9th place Kate “Shadow House”
9th place Oguma “Super Cub”
9th place Tachibana Hinata “Tokyo Revengers”
9th place Nagatoro “Don’t Toy With Me, Nagatoro-san”
9th place Vivy “Vivy -Fluorite Eye & Song-”
9th place Honda Tohru”Fruit Basket The Final”

(Response period: June 4th to June 11th, 2021)

* This questionnaire is part of a survey of readers’ awareness of “current interest in and attention to anime works and characters.” Regarding the results, we do not intend to decide the superiority or inferiority of any character or work. We hope that this article will help you to get to know new works and characters, and to deepen your understanding and interest.