The latest animation of “Pokemon”, “Yume no Tsubomi” has been released on the YouTube channel of “Pokemon Kids TV”. The director is Yamashita Shingo, continuing his role from “Pokemon: Twilight Wings” and the animation is by Studio Colorido.

This work is released as the 3rd “Poketoon” series on Pokémon official YouTube channel, “Pokemon Kids TV”. It is depicted from the view of the parents and child before the start of the journey as a Pokémon trainer.

The animation is handled by Studio Colorido, which had handled “Penguin Highway”, and “A Whisker Away” while the director is Yamashita Shingo, who had handled the anime “Pokemon: Twilight Wings” that takes place in the same setting as “Pokemon Sword and Shield”. The comments from Yamashita have been released.

The latest animation of “Pokemon”, “Yume no Tsubomi” is currently available on the YouTube channel of “Pokemon Kids TV”.

Comments from the general director Yamashita Shingo
I will be handling the animation series of Pokémon after the “Pokemon: Twilight Wings” series. Regardless of the work, I’m trying my best in directing each episode so that the thoughts of “I want to watch more of this world setting and characters!” will appear. Please look forward to this work.

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