The latest series of “Pokemon”, called “Mattetene! Koiking” (lit. Wait for me! Magicarp) has been released on the official YouTube channel “Pokemon Kids TV”. This work is the 4th series of “Poketoon” and it was produced by Studio Colorido, known for the original web anime “Pokemon: Twilight Wings” of “Pokemon Sword and Shield”, and the film “Penguin Highway”.

“Mattetene! Koiking” takes place in the Pokemon’s daycare facility, “Daycare Center”, and it depicts the bond between a young boy and Pokemon.
The director and character design are handled by Herole Cedric. The expression of emotion is done in excess in this special animation with only the music and the watercolor-style art.

Also, various genres of animation, such as “Pokapoka Magmag House” (lit. The Warm Slugma’s House) and “Gengar ni Nachatta!? (lit. I’ve become Gengar!?” will be released as part of the “Poketoon” series.

Director Herole Cedric
I am a pet lover, so I felt extremely sad when the owners had to separate from their pets.
Pokemons are not a pet, but when I first read the script, it made me felt the same sadness when the partners are separated from each other.
I pity Magicarp who is waiting patiently for Rikuo.
Magicarp always has an emotionless expression, but I think that he is sad deep down.
As this is an optimistic work, I didn’t emphasize a lot on the sadness, but I hope that the loneliness of the Pokemon and children are transmitted.
Despite that, Magicarp will be dancing energetically while Rikuo is playing the heartening recorder.
As expected, it good to have more friends! Because you won’t be alone.

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