The new cut-scenes of “Yukishiro Tomoe” by Arimura Kasumi from “Rurouni Kenshin: The Beginning” (Release date on June 4, 2021) have been released.

“Rurouni Kenshin: The Final/ The Beginning” will be shown in 2 parts and is based on the final episode of the original work “Jinchu Arc”, which depicts the ultimate climax with Enishi, and “The Beginning” that depicts Kenshin’s past that closes in on the mystery of the cross-shaped scar and is based on the “Remembrance arc”.

In the now showing “The Final”, the series most dreadful antagonist, Yukishiro Enishi appeared in front of Kenshin, who is enjoying his peaceful life with the members of the Kamiya dojo, and launched a full-assault on Tokyo as he wanted to steal away everything that Kenshin cared about. It was revealed that Kenshin has killed his own wife, Tomoe, who is also Enishi’s elder sister.
Also in “The Beginning” that will be released on June 4, it will depict the fate of Tomoe and Kenshin during the period when he was known as the “Battousai the Manslayer” and before he swore to “not kill”. The truth that lies behind the “cross-shaped scar” will also be revealed.

This time, all the new cut-scenes of Tomoe are released.
Tomoe approached Kenshin with a fleetingness as if she will disappear due to her past experience, unaverred determination, and strong core. While being on the border between hatred and love, she is staring at Kenshin with a calm expression, as well as the scene of standing in the snow with a strong determination.
Do watch how the fate of these two will end up in the theatre.

“Rurouni Kenshin: The Beginning” will be released on June 4.

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