From the TV anime “Cardfight! Vanguard overDress”, the summary and advance sneak peek of Episode 8 “Like a Fish and Water” which was aired on May 29 (Sat) has been released.

The original story of “Cardfight! Vanguard overDress” is based on Bushiroad’s trading card game “Cardfight! Vanguard”. The original character design is by CLAMP, and the animation production is by Kinema citrus Co.
Kondo Yu-yu is a third-year junior high school student living in Kanazawa City, in the country of Kaga. One day, she can’t stand her older sisters’ hobbies and runs away from home. At an amusement park at night, she meets Momoyama Danji and his “Team Blackout” and is drawn into the charm of Vanguard.

The title of Episode 8 is “Like a Fish and Water”.
Today is the anniversary of Megumi first meeting Danji.
However, Danji doesn’t seem to be celebrating and seems to have forgotten about it. Megumi is disappointed and bitter, but Tomari understands her feelings and takes action to cheer her up.

The TV anime “Cardfight! Vanguard overDress” Episode 8 “Like a Fish and Water” aired on May 29, 2021 (Sat) from 8:00 a.m. on TV Tokyo and other stations.

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