Ishida Sui, the author of the popular manga “Tokyo Ghoul,” which has been made into a TV anime and live-action series, started serializing his new manga “Choujin X” on the webcomic site “Tonari no Young Jump” from May 10, 2021.

“Tonari no Young Jump”, where the new manga is distributed, is a webcomic distribution site by the editorial department of “Weekly Young Jump”. Under the theme of “proposing encounters with characters that you want to have next to you when you’re taking a moment to relax or when you’ve had a bad day,” the site offers manga works completely free of charge and without registration. Currently, “One Punch Man,” which is also popular in anime, is being serialized.

Ishida Sui, the author of the manga “Tokyo Ghoul” and the game “Jack Jeanne” (original story, character design, scenario), has announced a new serialization. The title is “Choujin X”, and it will be about a battle action series with “superheroes”.
On his Twitter page, he wrote, “I’d like to draw the backgrounds and finishes of this work by myself, so updates will be at a slow pace, but I hope it will be a companion for you in your spare time. Thank you for reading it”.

The first issue of the new manga “Superhero X” is now available on the webcomic site “Tonari no Young Jump”.