Today, more and more voice actors, comedians, idols and other entertainers, are active as YouTubers. They upload videos of a wide range of genres including playing games, reading, and cooking.

In addition to entertainers, manga artists as creators are also joining YouTube. They are showing their scene drawings, and unknown episodes about production, which you rarely see. I will introduce some of such manga artists in this article.

“Tokyo Ghoul” Ishida Sui

Ishida Sui is known for “Tokyo Ghoul”. He is also the original author of JACKJEANNE, which will be released from Nintendo on Dec. 3, 2020, and he was in charge of its character design. His channel name is “Unrou”.
He has posted only a few videos so far, but each video records his drawing scenes for two to six hours. He finishes the rough drawing, line drawing, and coloring, while chatting. His fans leave a lot of comments that they are glad to see his drawing scenes and to hear Ishida-Sensei’s voice.

“Papuwa” Shibata Ami

Shibata Ami is known for “Papuwa” and “Dragon Quest Yonkoma Manga Gekijou”. She started her YouTube channel on Jul. 14 under the name of “Shibata Ami’s A-min World”. She drew Yonkoma(four cell manga) of Dragon Quest, which is her origin, and visited
SQUARE ENIX on the video titled “Shibata Ami gets back to basics and draws Dragon Quest Yonkoma !!”. She also streams while she is playing games, and cooking.

“Super Seisyun Brothers” Shinmoto Shin

Shinmoto Shin is known for “Manga Park”(Hakusensha) and “Nakayoshi”(Kodansha). “Super Seisyun Brothers” became an anime adaptation in 2013.

On his channel “SS manga diary -Shinmoto Shin-“, he gives tutorials on “how to draw a body” and “how to draw eyes”. He also has a drawing competition with his assistant S-Kun. There are more videos filming some projects and his drawing scenes.

“Blue Period” Yamaguchi Tsubasa

Yamaguchi Tsubasa is known for “Blue Period”, a youth story featuring an entrance examination for a collage of arts, which is being serialized on “Monthly Afternoon”(Kodansha).
She has won “Manga Taisho 2020”, and collaborated with Bourbon “Alfort Mini Chocolate” on the CM.

She uploads the videos of projects by students and manga artists titled “What if manga artists and students draw manga of the same lines?”, and streams while she is drawing as well. Itagaki Baru known for “BEASTARS”, Yamazaki Kore known for “The Ancient Magus’ Bride”, and Suzuki Tsuta and Tarako known for “Heaven’s Design Team” appear on the video.

There are also channels by comic magazines!
Manga artists also appear on magazines’ channels, not on their own channels.

Weekly Shonen Sunday TV uploaded a video filming a drawing scene and an interview of Takahashi Rumiko, a legendary manga artist, who created “Urusei Yatsura” and “Inuyasha”.

Weekly Shonen Magazine’s channel uploaded a video filming a drawing scene and an interview of Haruba Negi, who is known for “The Quintessential Quintuplets”.

If you like comics, please watch the videos filming a drawing scene and an interview of manga artists.