From the TV anime “Zombieland Saga: Revenge”, the outline and scenes from episode 5 “Little Bodda Bope SAGA”, broadcast on Thursday, May 6, 2021, have been released.

“Zombieland Saga: Revenge” is the 2nd season of “Zombieland Saga, a zombie idol anime in which seven legendary girls, who have been brought back as “zombies” by the mysterious idol producer Tatsumi Koutarou, strive as the local idol group “Franchouchou” to save Saga prefecture.

Episode 5 is titled “Little Bodda Bope SAGA”.
After the battle at the Saga Arena, “Franchouchou” started to be recognized throughout the country.

Though their bodies are rotting, they did well with strong hearts. For once, I could let them take the initiative. It’s a good opportunity for them to see the light and dark sides of the world. So what they’re naughty zombies? I want them to be tough and strong.

As an idol. As a performer.
――――― Tatsumi Koutarou’s Diary

TV anime “Zombieland Saga: Revenge” Episode 5 “Little Bodda Bope SAGA” was broadcast on Tokyo MX on May 6, 2021.
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