‘GUNDAM docks’, a collaboration event in which ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ collaborates with large-scale shopping malls, is held at Canal City Hakata. The event is titled ‘GUNDAM docks at FUKUOKA’, in commemoration of Canal City FUKUOKA’s 25th anniversary on April 20. The event starts on April 24 and runs until May 30.

‘GUNDAM docks’ is an event started overseas with Hong Kong Times Square in 2013 and has been held in Singapore and Taiwan as well. ‘GUNDAM docks at FUKUOKA’ is the 2nd location in Japan following ‘GUNDAM docks at TOKYO JAPAN’ in 2017.

There will be fun exhibits all around the mall that allow visitors to enjoy the world of GUNDAM such as ‘GUNDAM SCRAMBLE in FUKUOKA’, which is the 12th show of ‘Canal Aqua Panorama’, a collaborative show of projection mapping and water fountain. There will also be ‘1/10 Perfectibility’ statues.

‘GUNDAM docks at FUKUOKA’ runs from April 24th to May 30th at Canal City Hakata. Check out the special web page for more details.

(C)SOTSU Sunrise