From “Mobile Fighter G Gundam”, ‘The School of the Undefeated of the East’ capsule collection inspired by the anime’s world-view has been released. Pre-orders are being accepted on ‘Premium Bandai’.

These items are released under a capsule collection, featuring the school of the “Undefeated of the East”, an orthodox material arts school formed by Master Asia known as the protagonist Domon’s teacher.

T-shirts are offered in 3 varieties: Undefeated of the East Logo Version with the greetings, exchanged between the schools when fist-fighting, designed on the back in Chinese poetry style, Undefeated of the East Ink Painting Version made in ink wash painting style, a type of East Asian brush painting that uses tonality and shading achieved by varying the ink density, MASTER ASIA Version, recreating an oriental mood of Chinese souvenirs.

The line-up also includes a track jacket and track pants inspired by dojo-style training wear, Chinese shirt inspired by a uniform of The School of the Undefeated of the East, and a rubber key chain.

Pre-orders of ‘”Mobile Fighter G Gundam” The School of the Undefeated of the East Capsule Collection’ are being accepted on ‘Premium Bandai’ from 1:00 p.m. on April 23 to 11:00 p.m. on May 2. These items will be available at certain stores of ‘STRICT-G’ from April 24. (*Track jacket, track pants, and Chinese shirt will be available from May 1.)

(C)Sotsu, Sunrise