“Filmarks”, the largest movie, drama, and anime review website, released “Winter 2021 Anime Satisfaction Ranking” based on the data they have taken through their service.

This ranking targets the winter 2021 anime season (broadcast from January 1 to February 28, 2021), and gives points based on the average ★(star) score (MAX 5 points) and the number of reviews (Mark! numbers). The anime with the highest ★points will be ranked high for “Filmarks Anime Satisfaction Ranking”.

The 1st place was “Umamusume Pretty Darby Season 2” with ★4.38.
The comments said, “Each character has own uniqueness, and I loved them even though I have known nothing about actual darby”, “This is well-known form of sports anime”, “Their courage made my cry so hard”, and “This anime made my cry the most in this season”. This anime seemed to have a better review compared to other works.

In the same ranking, “SK∞” with ★4.30 ranked in the 2nd place, “PUI PUI Molcar” with ★4.233 ranked in the third, “Yuru CampΔ” with ★4.229 ranked in the fourth, and “World Trigger 2nd Season” ranked in the 5th place with ★4.216.

“Non Non Biyori Non-Stop” ranked in the 6th place with ★4.20, followed by “BEASTERS 2nd Season” with ★4.19, “Thus Spke Kishibe Rohan” with ★4.127, “Dr. STONE 2nd Season” with 帆s4.107, and “Horimiya” with ★4.00.