The May issue of “Oggi”, a fashion magazine for working women in their 30s and up, will have an unusual “Detective Conan” special feature. It will be on sale at bookstores nationwide from March 27.

In the special feature, titled “A Well-Intentioned Meeting on ‘Detective Conan’,” a timeline and original panels will be used to look back on the most famous Conan scenes to date. From nostalgic scenes from the early days of the series, to the many major incidents and popular characters, this is the complete version of Conan for those who have been away from the series for a while.
It also includes a review of the past episodes of Akai Shuichi, a major character in the movie version, so it is a good prep for watching the movie version.

In addition, there is a present project in collaboration with LINE Camera. If you access from the QR code on the magazine, you can get a photo frame (photo) of all the characters for a limited time. There are four types of frames, including the “cute male character ver.”
The magazine also features a puzzle solving game sent to Oggi by Akai Shuichi. In the game, Akai Shuichi, a member of the FBI, tries to solve the riddle left behind by the target he is chasing, and you can enjoy feeling like a great detective.

The May issue of “Oggi” is priced at 990 JPY (tax included). It will go on sale at bookstores nationwide on March 27.

(C) Aoyama Gosho Aoyama/Shogakukan