The 11th volume of “Chainsaw Man”, of which Part 1 of the original manga is completed and will also be made into an anime, was released on March 4, 2021. To commemorate this, a countdown video for the release was streamed on the YouTube “Jump Channel”. In addition, a special website that was opened on the release date featured highly commended comments from ACANe and film director Iwai Shunji.

“Chainsaw Man” is a popular work serialized by Fujimoto Tatsuki in “Weekly Shonen Jump”, which won first place in the male version of “This Manga is Amazing! 2021” and the 66th Shogakukan Manga Award.
The second issue of “Weekly Shonen Jump” released on December 14, 2020 will be the final issue, and at the same time, it was announced that there will be an anime adaptation and the second part will be serialized in “Shonen Jump +”, which caused a sensation.

This time, two measures were announced to commemorate the release of the 11th volume of the manga, which marks the completion of the first part of the series in “Weekly Shonen Jump”.
The first is an 11-hour countdown video content on YouTube’s “Jump Channel” from 1 pm on March 3 to midnight on March 4.
The video will be set in the living room of the Hayakawa family and will feature a look back at the story and scenes of each character, and using the comment function on YouTube, fans will be able to talk about their memories of the work and wait for the release.

The second is the highly commended comments from ACANe and film director Iwai Shunji titled “#ChainsawManPart1completion” posted on a special website to commemorate the completion of the first part, which was released at midnight on March 4.
In addition, if you post a message on Twitter after midnight on March 4 with the hashtag “#ChainsawManPart1completion”, the message will be posted on the special website, and there will also be a “surprise present” for them.

The 11th volume of “Chainsaw Man” is on sale on March 4 for 440 JPY (tax excluded).

[The full text of the comments is below]
ACANe from “Zutto Mayonaka de Iinoni.”

I love the fact that even in the midst of the sweat, where there is no room for raising a flag, I can actually sympathize with the true meaning of a single frame.
Even if we can’t all sympathize with it, it gives us a sense of superiority in our own unique way. It’s also a good reference book for songwriting about emotions. Boom!

Iwai Shunji

In addition to the world depicted, it is as if another phantom forms an image in my brain. What a mysterious work.

(C) Fujimoto Tatsuki/Shueisha