The virtual camping adventure game “Laid-back Camp Virtual Camp ~Lake Motosuko~”, where you can enjoy the world setting of “Laid-back Camp”, will be released on March 4, 2021. This VR game is the first to be released on 6 platforms simultaneously.

“Laid-back Camp Virtual Camp” is a VR adventure game where you can enjoy the camping atmosphere of “Laid-back Camp’ in full 3D.
It will be released on smartphones (iOS/ Android), PlayStation4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Oculus Quest under two titles, which is “Lake Motosuko”, where the player goes camping with “Rin” as “Nadeshiko”, and “Fumutopara Camping Site”, where the player goes camping with “Nadeshiko” as “Rin”.

You will be able to enjoy the fully voiced situations and events, involving Nadeshiko, Rin, and the usual members, for about one anime episode length as if you are at the actual place.
This game can be play with or without a VR device.

“Laid-back Camp Virtual Camp ~Lake Motosuko~” will be released on March 4. The price is 1,960 JPY (tax included) for the smartphone ver. (iOS/ Android), 2,420 JPY (tax included) for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam, while the price for Oculus Quest has yet to be announced.
Also, “Fumutopara Camping Site” will be released in April.

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