Movie『BanG Dream! FILM LIVE』(BanG Dream!)will be the first movie to be screened in a VR space in history(!?), 『Movie「BanG Dream! FILM LIVE」in AEON CinemaVR』will begin. A screening that allows you to experience and share the enthusiasm and excitement without leaving your home.

An VR app that allows anyone to enjoy any on-going music live or conference events known as 「cluster」. And the company that was tasked to develop that plan, Cluster Co., Ltd set a challenge for themselves in order to broaden the boundaries of entertainment one could enjoy, opened a AEON virtual theater known as 「AEON Cinema VR」. The interiors of「AEON Cinema VR」was made with attention to detail, with popular comments saying “feels like you’re inside a cinema” and “Even though I’m at home, i can’t still experience the screening”on SNS.

Furthermore, another first time in history, within「AEON Cinema VR」, a road show of the movie『BanG Dream! FILM LIVE』 along with stage greetings and screening events will be held on September 13 nationwide.

On the day of the screening, a post-screening stage greeting featuring the two cast and a real-time audio commentary will be held during the screening. It is also possible to enjoy the aforementioned events through your smartphones without any VR devices.

『Movie「BanG Dream! FILM LIVE」in AEON Cinema VR』will be held on September 28 at AEON Cinema VR.’

『「BanG Dream! FILM LIVE」in AEON Cinema VR』Event Details

■Schedule:September 28 2019(Sat)
■Time:Opening 21:30/Start 22:00/End 24:00頃
■Performer(Voice Only):Youko Hikasa(Afterglow Tomoe Udagawa Role)、Megu Sakuragawa(Roselia Ako Udagawa Role)
■Hashtag:#BanGDreamFILMLiveVR #AEONcinemaVR (#バンドリフィルムライブVR #イオンシネマVR)
■Price:3,000¥(Tax Inclusive)
■Launch:Septmeber 9, 2019(Mon)12:00~
■Viewing Method:VR Device App「cluster」
■Available Device:VR(Oculus Rift/Oculus Rift S/HTC VIVE/HTC VIVE Pro)PC(Mac/Windows)Smartphone
■Screening Movie:「BanG Dream! FILM LIVE」

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