Voice actor, Tomatsu Haruka, known for her role as Asuna from “Sword Art Online”, Iris from “Violet Evergarden”, and Hori Kyoko from “Horimiya”, has announced the birth of her first child on February 10, 2021, on her blog. Along with that, she said, “I am happy that my child is born safely and both the mother and child are energetic”.

Tomatsu has updated her blog on February 10 with the title “☆Announcement☆”.
Along with her announcement saying, “Hello everyone! I have something to announce to everyone today. It something personal but I would like to announced that my first child (female) was born the other day”, she also gave an explanation saying, “This is a sudden announcement, so I believe there are some, who are surprised at this, but as this was my first pregnancy, I was a bit anxious as I was pregnant during the coronavirus crisis last year. So, I would like to report that the process was done successfully.”

Tomatsu also reflects on the experience after the birth, “Since everything is the first experience to me, I had an idea that this is something life-risking, but it had exceeded my expectation. However, I am happy that my child is born safely and both the mother and child are energetic.”
After that, she also commented, “The actual feeling is still quite a mystery and I realize how immature I am as well, but I will prioritize on my recovery first, and grow step by step from now on even if I’m clumsy.”

Her last message is “I had started a new life as a mother along with the other personas as the voice actor Tomatsu Haruka, a member of Sphere, as well as a human being, but I will remain my intensity and passion toward my favorite occupation, so I hope you could continue to support me as I will still continue working.”